The good news is that a World Event is coming this summer (May or June, I think) therefore you should be able to OSRS Gold grab some warpriest by then. Last time that you were able to gain warpriest was at the beginning of 2014. I'm referring to the tier 2 or 3 tiers , or whatever I'm not even familiar with the terminology, just an 07 player who dropped out. Warpriest armor is awful F2P. It is tier 50 but its stats are lower than similar tier 50 "tank' armours due to being hybrid armour.

Warpriest is only good only if you are doing a lot of PvP in teams or clans It's not worth the effort in the absence of (except cape). As for the topic's question like others have already answered Batwing is the best Magic armor available to F2Pers However, you can enhance your weapon(s) If you're currently using Batwing with a book or shield.

Gravite staff is considerably better and certainly worth the purchase in the event that you do not plan to become a member anytime very soon. The reward for Dungeoneering is 40K tokens, which means you'll have to get 400K exp by regular training in the Dungeoneering ability.

Gloves and boots you have the most limited choices. You can get GWD set gloves that are hybrid and boot (Arma, Zam, Sara and Bandos) These are hybrids which means they count as three combat styles. They're not that great, though they have Tier 50 defense stats due to their hybrid armour pieces.

I was still working on my post and doing double post edits and double post edits, but Leo posted and destroyed the post. Hybrids are free, however it requires camping for gwd in order to Cheap RS 2007 Gold obtain the parts; T70 GWD is cheap; T80 GWD is much more expensive , but it's better. T85 are by far the best defensive gloves and boots in the game , if I'm not mistaken and more affordable than GWD T80.