China aluminium sheet for pp cap is based totally on an included classification, production and application device. The principle alloys cover 1xxx, 3xxx, and 8xxx series. 4×8 aluminum sheet for bottle caps are specifically used in the capping of bottles for wine, liquids, cosmetics, and so forth. Aluminum alloy bottle cap material is a brand new sort of bottle sealing material, which now not only has stunning and generous capabilities, however also has the characteristic of preventing counterfeit items. Therefore, aluminum has been broadly used at domestic and overseas for sealed packaging of beverage bottles, wine bottles, beauty bottles, and medicine bottles.Bottle caps fabricated from aluminum alloy sheet plate products consist of spirit bottle caps, red wine bottle caps, and other bottle caps. Pink wine bottle caps have a huge stretch length, so materials with higher elongation are required. Normally, the bottle cap substances are 8011 alloy, 3003 alloy, and 3004. There also are some alloys of 1050 and 1060. 8011 aluminum foil is used for medicinal aluminum bottle caps, which can be specially used for closed ports of infusion bottles. The thickness is within the variety of zero.018-zero.04mm, which has precise sealing homes. 5052 aluminum alloy bottle cap material it's miles specifically used on the bottle caps of cans. The 5 series alloy has magnesium introduced. Its hardness is barely higher than that of other alloys. Used on cans, it is able to solve the stress generated via the cans all through transportation. The deformation guarantees the classy look. In addition, the 3105 aluminum sheet of the 3 series is especially used for beauty bottle caps. Further, manufacturers have labored tough on the arrival, made specific shapes, painted shiny colours, and carefully crafted. It is also superb for high-stop cosmetics.