Market Overview

The Global Water and Wastewater Treatment Equipment Market size is projected to grow from USD 70.41 billion in 2022 to USD 104.97 billion by 2030 at a CAGR of 5.87% during the forecast period.

Rising adoption of industrial wastewater treatment technologies in water treatment plant equipment boosts the growth of the market. Also, substantial R&D investments in the development of equipment used in wastewater treatment plants influence market growth. 

Additionally, the spurring rise in industries such as food & beverages, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, pulp & paper, power, metal & mining, semiconductors, textiles, and oil & gas increases market size, demanding clean and safe drinking water. Water & wastewater treatment equipment promotes a healthy environment, responding to clean water requirements for industrial usages. Moreover, government initiatives aiming at wastewater management act as a dominant tailwind for the market growth.

The water and wastewater treatment equipment market is rising pervasively. The market growth attributes to the rapidly spreading awareness for clean and drinkable water. Besides, increasing technological advances drive the growth of the market, improving wastewater management solutions and water treatment equipment manufacturing techniques. Moreover, stringent government wastewater management regulations and increasing urbanization escalate market growth.

Conversely, aging sewerage management infrastructure and outdated wastewater treatment systems are significant factors projected to impede the market growth. Also, high investments required for establishing wastewater treatment plant challenge the growth of the market. Nevertheless, rising usages of efficient water and wastewater treatment equipment due to the increasing global water stress and industrial wastewater disposal in aquatic ecosystems would support market growth.

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Water and Wastewater Treatment Equipment Market Segmentation

The report is segmented into three dynamics;

In terms of type outlook, the water treatment industry is poised for growth across various segments, including membrane separation, disinfection, sludge treatment, and other innovative technologies.

Each of these segments is expected to contribute significantly to the overall expansion of the industry, catering to diverse needs and challenges in water management.

Meanwhile, in terms of application outlook, the demand for water treatment solutions is anticipated to be prominent in both municipal and industrial sectors.

Municipal applications encompass the treatment and purification of water for public consumption and sanitation purposes, while industrial applications involve the treatment of water used in various industrial processes.

Moving on to the regional outlook, North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the rest of the world are key regions driving the growth of the water treatment market. In North America, the United States and Canada are poised to witness substantial demand for water treatment solutions, driven by stringent regulations and increasing awareness regarding water quality. Similarly, in Europe, countries such as Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Spain, along with the rest of Europe, are expected to contribute significantly to the market's growth. In the Asia-Pacific region, emerging economies like China, Japan, India, Australia, and South Korea are experiencing rapid industrialization and urbanization, leading to heightened demand for water treatment solutions. Additionally, the rest of Asia-Pacific, along with regions like the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America, presents opportunities for market expansion, driven by factors such as population growth, urbanization, and industrial development.

Water and Wastewater Treatment Equipment Market Regional Analysis

North America dominates the global water & wastewater treatment equipment market. The leading market share attributes to the strong presence of notable industry players and the availability of advanced technologies offering efficient solutions. The early uptake of advanced waste management solutions, widespread awareness, and the massive demand for clean water drive the regional market growth.

Moreover, government initiatives and funds from public and private sectors provide impetus to the regional market increase. The US and Canada, backed by their large waste management sectors, account for key growth contributors for the regional market. The North American water & wastewater treatment equipment market is projected to retain its dominance throughout the estimated period.

Europe stands second in the global water and wastewater treatment equipment market. The market growth is driven by stringent government regulations for sewage water management and clean water. Additionally, growing industrial sectors in the region impact the regional market growth positively. European countries such as the UK, Germany, Italy, and France contribute to the regional market growth enormously. The European water & wastewater treatment equipment market is forecasted to create a substantial revenue pocket during the assessment period.

The Asia Pacific region has emerged as a promising market for water and wastewater treatment equipment. Factors such as the ever-increasing population and rapid urbanization & industrialization in the region increase the market sales, driving the demand for clean water for drinking & other purposes. Furthermore, the improving economy in the region influences the growth of the regional market, increasing investments in the wastewater treatment equipment sectors.

Besides, rapidly developing countries, India and China, drive the regional market growth, hugely, witnessing increasing deployments of wastewater management technologies. The APAC water & wastewater treatment equipment market is expected to grow at an impressive CAGR during the forecast period.


List of the Water & Wastewater Treatment Equipment Manufacturers in the Market include

§  GE Water & Process Technologies (U.S.)

§   Aquatech International Corporation (U.S.)

§   Veolia Water Technologies (France)

§   WPL Limited (U.K.)

§   Fluence Corporation Limited (U.S.)

§   Napier Reid Ltd. (Canada)

§   Calgon Carbon Corporation (U.S.)

§   Xylem Inc. (U.S.)

§   Kemira Oyj (Finland)

§   Corix Water System (Canada)

Water and Wastewater Treatment Equipment Market Competitive Analysis

Highly competitive, the water & wastewater treatment equipment market appears to be diversified with the presence of many well-established players. To gain a larger competitive share, industry players adopt strategies such as mergers & acquisitions, collaboration, innovation, and brand reinforcement. Water treatment equipment companies strive to develop low-cost, compact systems, emphasizing improved hardware.

Industry/ Innovation/ Related News:

October 06, 2020 ---- In-Situ Inc. (the US), a leading global provider of accurate & reliable water level instrumentation, announced the acquisition of a UK-based manufacturer of drinking water & wastewater measurement equipment - Partech (Electronics) Ltd. In-Situ is a leader in the design and manufacture of superior environmental water monitoring equipment and software.

The acquisition would expand In-Situ's water & wastewater business and enhance the capabilities of both companies to develop high-quality monitoring equipment. Further, the addition would enable these companies to provide outstanding service to an international customer base.

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