I know 23 just jumps 2k23 mt into everybody's head, but I'm thinking that the idea of placing Jordan on an album cover was more of a statement of the best of all time right, and we believed this was the most amazing 2K of all time thus we wanted to make the right impression by placing Jordan on there. This is the year of greatness, and we felt like Jordan was the perfect choice. We've definitely worked with LeBron on other covers and we'll continue to do so. He's a wonderful partner of ours but the same thing with Jordan for us.

I know the fans want Kobe on 2K24. Does it have a chance to happen? this? Who knows? We're extremely excited about 2K23 today. Twenty-four seems like a long way off, but we have those conversations now, and we'll wait and see.At what point will you start to focus on the next 2K? In my opinion, it's unlikely that we'll ever get to that point. The game will remain in the life cycle for a few years. We just put out 2K22 content, which was released a week two ago.

The basketball arena will be 365 & 24/7 and, with our game it's the true basketball. It should be exactly the same. What you're asking me is what is the time to start thinking about marketing smartly about covers, and everything else I believe it's a constant conversation like we've talked about 2K24 and 2K25. Maybe this is how I can possibly answer a question I'm certain will come, which is one of the questions that is 2k23 mt buy on the Devin Booker cover right and how can we find Devin?