Pure 1050 warm rolled aluminium coil dealer - HUAWEI in China are engaged in producing 1050 1060 1100 5052 6061 warm rolled or cold rolled aluminum coil material. The is made of ordinary casting rolling material that is generally oxidized, and has warm rolled material, which is suitable for clients with excessive requirements for later oxidation.
1050 aluminum belongs to a sequence of pure 1000 aluminum series. The 1050 aluminum coil has the characteristics of high plasticity, corrosion resistance, appropriate electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, however its electricity is low, it isn't strengthened with the aid of warmth remedy, the machinability is not accurate, and it could be given touch welding and fuel welding. Because 1050 aluminum coil does not incorporate other technical factors, the production procedure is exceptionally easy and the charge is exceptionally reasonably-priced. It's far the maximum commonly used series within the conventional industry. 1050 aluminum coil is frequently utilized in day by day necessities, lighting gadget, reflectors, decorations, chemical enterprise packing containers, heat sinks, symptoms, electronics, lamps, nameplates, electrical appliances, stampings and different merchandise.
1050 warm rolled aluminium coil provider can produce aluminum coils divided into cold rolling and hot rolling. The primary difference is that the anodizing is special. The bloodless rolled aluminum coil and the new rolled aluminum coil are used in a different way, and the bloodless rolled aluminum coil is by and large used for the mold, and the hot rolled aluminum coil is suitable for the stamping and stretching.