With the knowledge that a first desolate OSRS gold tract enlargement is due at the beginning of 2022, inclusive of the fabled Raids three -- Tombs of Amascut -Tombs of Amascut - Jagex appears to be using this event as a mild preview of what's expected to come in the new vintage MMO.

At present, players have the option of participating in a competition of fishing, cooking, and traditional treasure-hunting. Arnav is a man who was able to walk outside of the bank to the west of the Al-Kharid palace, has hidden undiscovered treasures somewhere in the town.

In a string of points which harken back at the clue-scroll machine the player is compelled to confront him with a fixation of three puzzles to get the parent out of where the chest is. The four statues are located in the fountain of wealth within the courtyard of the palace Al-Kharid. Perform the dance emote, and the second clue will monitor itself.

This anagram refers to Ranael the owner of the plateskirt keep to the southeast that is located in the palace. She will provide the participant with the 0.33 and the very last clue when she speaks to. Zeke, the scimitar salesman located to the just north of the palace sells bronze, iron steel, Buy RuneScape gold, and versions of the sword. When he is approached Zeke, he offers the customer with an additional task to depend on every balloon as well as on his house.