A glance at the crypto products offered by the Exodus Wallet 

Hey crypto investor!!

Being a member of this industry it becomes quite important for you to remain updated with every single launch and activity that takes place in this dynamic industry. This is so to enjoy and create a smooth trading and investment industry. Being up-to-date will not only increase your crypto knowledge base but will also improve your crypto trading moves.

So, to keep going on your crypto learning journey, we will today be looking majorly at the Exodus Wallet and the other products that are offered by the Exodus Wallet Company.

Exodus Wallet- a cursory look at it

There are no doubt, several cryptocurrency exchanges, and tools to organize and manage your valuable crypto funds. One such introduction in this industry is the Exodus Wallet wallet. Exodus Wallet wallet is among the top choices of beginners making it highly suitable for them. 

Its simple user interface, navigation, and exceptional user support make it rank among the hot crypto wallets. The wallet is designed highly compatible and works on mobile devices and web-plugin as well keeping in consideration both users.

Founded back in 2015, the company aims to empower people/investors to control their wealth. The company is looking forward to providing potential investors with alternative approaches to secure, manage, and exchange cryptocurrencies on their desktop/laptop or mobile devices. 

What are the products offered by the company?

Exodus Wallet is widely used by investors over the globe and is still committed to increasing its user base by launching new approaches to ease the working of the users. In this way, the products launched by the investors are as follows:

  • Web3 wallet
  • Mobile wallet
  • Desktop wallet
  • Trezor hardware wallet
  • Exodus Wallet crypto apps

With the web3 wallet, you can explore the world of web3 and Defi. The company has till now launched about 200+ product updates related to desktop, mobile devices, and hardware. There are over 260 supported cryptocurrencies inside Exodus Wallet products.

A look at the positive and negative aspects of the wallet

This free software crypto wallet, used to carry out crypto trade, holds some positive and negative aspects. They are as follows:

The positive side of the wallet:

  • Simple set-up/ navigation
  • Holds up more than 260 cryptocurrencies
  • Excellent customer support
  • Given the option to earn passive income by staking your funds
  • Periodic updates

The negative aspect of the wallet are:

  • Falls back in 2FA security protection
  • Lack of open source
  • Do not support custom fees for altcoins

Overall, with the Exodus Wallet wallet, you can buy, sell, or even swap cryptocurrencies safely and within the legal framework. It makes crypto trade/investment easy.

Final thoughts

Exodus Wallet wallet is ranked secure, reliable, and free from crypto chaos. The wallet is designed in a way that encourages simple navigation and an easy trade process for novice and experienced crypto investors as well. 

However, the lack of 2FA could be a big concern for people holding large crypto bags but this concern can be settled with the Trezor hardware wallet.