Since Lost Ark was released last week, the game's players have seen some positives and some negatives surrounding the MMO Lost Ark Gold. While server issues in Lost Ark have been chief among those problems, it appears that some new users are running into one particular high level player who is actually charging them a fee in order to let them live.

As is the case with most MMOs, there is a wide range of skill levels among the game's players. The discrepancy in Lost Ark was made a bit more obvious by the fact that those who paid for a Founder's Pack were able to get into the game a few days before it went live for all the other free-to-play users. It appears that one user is taking advantage of being a higher level than quite a few of the others who are wanting to give the PvP mode a go, by holding their character's lives for ransom.

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Reddit user treflipper5 brought attention to this particular Lost Ark user by posting a short chat transcript where another player was asking the user not to kill them and to just let them pass into the designated PvP area. The transcript shows that the first player asked the aggressor to let him go and do a quest. The other player then responds "run." When the other user continues asking to be allowed to pass, the attacker then responded that if he was buy Lost Ark Gold given 10 gold, he'd allow the other user to go.