Amazon is bringing Lost Ark Gold to the west for the first time since it launched three years ago, and it's bringing 14 customizable classes with it.

Amazon Games is bringing MMOARPG Lost Ark to the west for the first time since its official launch three years ago. The high fantasy game has been available in Korea, Japan, and Russia for a while now, but Amazon's version of the game will offer an English version,bringing what made the game so popular in its original regions to the United States and Europe. Like other games in this particular genre, combat plays a massive role, but Lost Ark has a bit of a different take on the classes that make up typical MMOs and/or ARPGs.

Lost Ark follows in the footsteps of titles like World of Warcraft to some degree, there are some very basic characters that users can take on. Where this particular game stands out is the way those characters level up and evolve. Along with developer Brightsmile's biggest project comes the ability to truly direct who a player wants to become in this world, and eventually the hero can seem quite a bit different than what players started with. The US version of Lost Ark allows a player to start with five base classes. Eventually, there are so many twists and turns that there's a chance to get as many as 14 different characters.

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The Warrior Bashes Its Way Into Lost Ark Players' Hearts 
It's not a stretch to say that every MMORPG has some variation of the warrior. While it's a basic character that bashes, hacks, and slashes for the most part, Lost Ark found a way to soup this character up. Once players choose the warrior class, they can eventually take the path of three subclasses. The Berserker is a kind of tank character who hammers away at opponents. As this character upgrades, the ability to take out more than one enemy with a greatsword cheapest Lost Ark Gold is unlocked.