Enter the garden and work your way northwest Lost Ark Gold,. After the third set of jumps, the walkway will tilt to its right as you defeat the last of the gargoyles around a spinning circular statue. There’s a destroyable rock to the right as you land on this section – and behind it your first Mokoko.

Mokoko Seeds Two And Three – The Chess Chamber

Continue over the last few jumps and head north into the Phantom Palace – and to the chess board. As you approach it, take the left fork into the northwest corridor. After defeating the creatures there, you’ll find the second Mokoko Seed sitting in plain sight on the ground by the oversized chess pieces.

Now head back to the fork and take the other passageway northeast. Again, dispatch with all the guards there first. There’s a curtain in the room, in front of a southeast-facing passageway that leads off the map. Walk to the end to find a Scared Gargoyle standing by a plinth with a red glow. And to its southwest against the railing, obscured by some red bushes, another Mokoko.

Mokoko Seed Four – Phantom Castle Wall

Solve the first chess puzzle and go through the portal. Head across the first walkway, dodging the falling obstacles, until the path turns left through a second portcullis – which will start to look as if you’re going north on your mini map once you’re at the top of the stairs. There’s a gnarled dead tree on your right, and just past it the top of some broken stairs heading down Lost Ark Gold for sale. At the top of those stairs, you’ll find your fourth seed.