Discipline As the principal buffing class, Discipline WoTLK Gold is comprised of the Power Word Shield and Power Word Fortitude, which are two spells you'll be using frequently, both for your own and on your teammates. A lot of these spells can be used to use in group or solo playing, though they are not all self-buffs like Inner Fire, which gives you an additional attack power as well as significantly increases the score of your armor for a couple of minutes.

It's not just that Inner Fire is defensively oriented but this is the reason for this tree of abilities: the majority of these abilities are designed to enhance your defense, or the defense of your team members. There are exceptions, obviously, like direct damage Starshards or Shackle World of Warcraft, that is extremely useful in higher levels. Although it's a straightforward root that only works with World of Warcraft foes, there's a lot of uses for it once you begin to encounter your opponents in Eastern or Western Plaguelands in which the Scourge is establishing themselves.

In a bizarre juxtaposition it is true that many of the Discipline talents are focused on increasing your offensive skills and include talents like Silent Resolve, which reduces the risk you take from damaging spells Wand Specialization which boosts the damage dealt by wands and force of Will, which gives an additional bonus to the damage that offensive spells cause. You are free play around with the your talents in this list however you'd like and almost every player will receive something from Improved Power Word: Shield that lets you use the spell more frequently on yourself or a member of your players in Warcraft.

The improved power word Fortitude can be beneficial, however, like many abilities that add percentage increase to numbers, it'll appear to be irrelevant when compared to the lesser levels within the spell. There are other useful abilities they are the Mental Strength ability and meditation. The most notable character however the most notable is Divine Spirit, which WoTLK Classic Gold is an effective and long-lasting Spirit boost, however it is locked until you have spent 30 talents points within the Tree.