However, the company is aware that the WoTLK Gold fight for profit isn't a sure thing. In the same statement admitted that despite the enviable image that is World of Warcraft behind it, Chinese gamers have yet to show an ongoing enthusiasm for 3D gaming, instead preferring the world that are based on 2D gaming. "We remain convinced in the fact that MMORPG is a significant revenue generator within the China online gaming market," said in the statement. It added "We recognize that China's online gaming market is currently going through a significant shift between 2D MMORPGs towards 3D MMORPGs."

Could WOW be the catalyst for that change? believes so, stating that it's "well ready" and "WOW to Chinese gamers on the internet is only starting."

The release schedule of Blizzard has leaked?

What we learned: Sometimes even the most insignificant of rumors can generate massive excitement. Consider the instance of an alleged leak on MMOGameSite which claims to be of Blizzard's release calendar for the coming four years. Though the image could have been easily faked and has the barest of attribution, it does lay out an intriguingly realistic release schedule for the powerful publisher-developer's upcoming lineup.

The first thing on the agenda is which is the second version of the service launched in the first quarter of this year. According to the plan, a map market for the online service is expected to begin at the end of buy WoTLK Classic Gold the year's second quarter to be followed by third-party services like Steam in the first quarter of 2012.